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The Many Adventures of
Connor Neptune

Connor Neptune Children's Book Bookcover

In Search of Connor Neptune
The Most Recent Release in the Connor Neptune Series

Autumn Moon, Heidi June, and Aubrey Bloom have a peculiar brother: Connor Neptune. Filled with questions about where he disappears to all the time, they devise a scheme to catch him in his disappearing act.

Astronaut in spacesuit looking at star vector art

Hi! I'm Ryan Nicholson, author of the book series:

The Many Adventures of Connor Neptune

Ryan Nicholson, Author and his son Connor

My son Connor began showing an extreme fascination with planets, the solar system, and anything space related long before he could speak. Connor was diagnosed with autism before the age of four, and he was nonverbal until about the age of five. Connor does not pass up the chance to talk about his favorite subject - Planets! 

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