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Astronaut in spacesuit looking at stars
Ryan Nicholson, Author with his son Connor

Ryan Nicholson, the father of six children, is new to writing children's books. He has written many unpublished works throughout his life, but he was inspired to create "The Many Adventures of Connor Neptune" because of his son Connor. Connor was diagnosed with autism before the age of four. Raising a child with autism comes with many struggles and challenges, but it also comes with a unique set of joy only a parent of an autistic child could understand. Connor began showing an extreme fascination with planets, the solar system, and anything space related long before he could speak. He was nonverbal until about the age of five, but Connor did not pass up the chance to talk about his favorite subject - Planets!

As a parent of a special needs child, Ryan is concerned his son will grow to be a functioning member of society; however, a father's job is never done. Despite vampires being a popular genre, Ryan is certainly not one. Writing is the only way he knows how to live forever; at least long enough to ensure his son's future is secure.


Ryan is working on writing other books in "The Many Adventures of Connor Neptune" series.

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Hi! I'm Ryan Nicholson,

The Many Adventures of Connor Neptune

author of the book series:

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