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Vector art scene of space with rockets, planets and stars



Bookcover for The Many Adventures of Connor Neptune
Astronaut in spacesuit looking at a star

Connor Goes to Jupiter

Bookcover for The Many Adventures of Connor Neptune

On this adventure, Connor explores Jupiter and all its wonders. He imagines where he wants to go, and poof! He is there. Connor beholds sights no one has ever seen and brings back the stories for you and me to read.

Connor Visits Neptune


Join Connor Neptune as he travels across the solar system in his trusty space suit and imagination. In this adventure, Connor travels to Neptune and discovers what makes the planet so unique.


In Search of Connor Neptune
The Most Recent Release in the Connor Neptune Series

Autumn Moon, Heidi June, and Aubrey Bloom have a peculiar brother: Connor Neptune. Filled with questions about where he disappears to all the time, they devise a scheme to catch him in his disappearing act.

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